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Microsoft and Lenovo have been partners for over 25 years and our leading-edge server products and solutions provide the most reliable, secure, and high-performing datacentres for our customers. Lenovo servers’ reliability are rated no.1 worldwide for 8 consecutive years and currently holds a total of 309 world record for benchmark performance. Hence, we highly recommend Windows Server 2022 to modernise your IT infrastructure.
  What's new in Windows Server 2022  
Hybrid ecosystem
Bridge the gap between your investments on the Cloud and Edge with the hybrid capabilities of Windows Server 2022.
Advanced security
Windows Server 2022 is our most secure server offering yet, thanks to Microsoft’s Secured-core server technology.
Secure remote working
Windows Server 2022 is optimised for secure remote working with simplified deployment of remote apps and desktops.
Modern server infrastructure
Transform your existing infrastructure with flexible solutions from Lenovo with Windows Server 2022.
We offer the simplest, most
cost-effective license for
small business
All Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions are Windows Server 2022 ready. You only need to buy the CALs as needed. Hence, giving you the most flexibility and cost-effectiveness in your ownership.
Enjoy fast and easy deployment with Lenovo Support
Get the ideal support and services your business needs with Lenovo Data Center Support. We offer customised options that meet your specific business and response-time goals, to help simplify your operations.
Grow your productivity as your business blooms
Windows Server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI are meant to work together, giving the best virtualisation solutions for modernising IT infrastructure. Just add-on to any CALs, SQL or Azure Stack HCI licensing at any time to increase your on-prem resources and productivity. It's just that simple!
Get your business up and running
in no time
Minimise server downtime with Lenovo XClarity Administrator to manage Lenovo infrastructure right in the Microsoft software console and with Lenovo's brilliant data-centre support all in one application.
  Don't know which and what Windows Server 2022 licensing to get for your solutions? Try our easy-to-use Licensing Calculator to get you started.  
  Modernize with Windows Server 2022: The cloud-ready operating system
that boosts on-premises investments with hybrid capabilities.